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Tanaka Koki x Nakamaru Yuichi
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Hello and welcome to tanakamaru, a community dedicated to Tanaka Koki & Nakamaru Yuichi!

1. Be respectful. - Remember not everyone has the same opinions you have.
2. If you’re posting fan fiction, place it under lj-cut and mention it’s rating before the lj-cut-- be sure there’s some kind of warning if the fic is NC-17 rated or higher.
3. Posting TaNAKAmaru downloads is allowed.
4. If your posts are too long, make sure to use lj-cuts.
5. Feel free to wild and rant/fangirl/fanboy!
6. Make sure your posts are TaNAKAmaru related-- posting KAT-TUN/Johnny’s Jimusho stuff is okay.
8. Advertising other communities is fine.
9. Above all - HAVE FUN~!

Q: Now that I saw this community I’m wondering… "who the hell are Tanaka Koki and Nakamaru Yuichi?!"
Both are part of the band KAT-TUN, which is part of the huge Johnny’s Jimusho world, Koki represents the bolded T and Maru the bolded last, definitely not least and only N.

Q: Oh… I see. So. Why a Tanaka Koki x Nakamaru Yuichi community?
A: The other day kyoto_no_hikari and I were having a crack!conversation, I asked if there were any TaNAKAmaru communities and she yelled at me, “OF COURSE THERE ARE, STUPID.” Surprisingly though, she was wrong - that’s why!

kyoto_no_hikari wants me to quote what she said, "Okay, okay, a SERIOUS explanation. TaNAKAmaru is one of our favorite "pairings" of KAT-TUN, so to speak - even though it's not as popular as Akame (Akanishi Jin/Kamenashi Kazuya) or Tagueda (Taguchi Junnosuke/Ueda Tatsuya [YES I REFUSE TO CALL IT JUNDA], but it still has a lot of proof behind it!!11oneone ...no, we are not insane yaoi fangirls..."

Q: I’m lost; who're you guys referring to when you say "Yucchi" or "Maru"?
A: Nakamaru Yuichi; voltie refers to him as Maru, whereas kyoto_no_hikari chooses Yucchi.

Q: Why did you chose TaNAKAmaru instead of Tanaka, KoMa, KiRu MaKi or whatever's shorter?
A: There’s one reason for this, kyoto_no_hikari and I were in crack when we thought of it. ‘Sides it has both of their surnames on it and TaNaka is confusing. D:

Q: So, where is this so-called "canon-ness"?
The best hints are in our minds, ne, Kyo? XD

Again, quote: "YES THEY AREEE! Okay, enough with the crack...or at least most of it…THIS LINK HAS THE PROOF! THEY ADMITTED THEY'RE MARRIED! 8DDD"

Q: Who maintains the community?
A: kyoto_no_hikari and voltie .

Q: Should we be scared of the maintainers?
A: kyoto_no_hikari says, "BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID. *BRICK'D*" In other words, there’s nothing to be afraid of!

Q: I love making graphics and I want to donate some to this community! How do I do that?
It’s easy. Just upload them to your server of choice (such as TinyPic) and send an e-mail to kookieofdoom@gmail.com.

Want to affiliate? Send an e-mail to kookieofdoom@gmail.com and we'll gladly add you!